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punk-flavored acoustic rock duo


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D-Deuce is a punk-flavored acoustic rock duo, featuring Karen Payne-Taylor on lead vocals and partner, Christopher Payne-Taylor, on acoustic guitar and back-up.

Starting out as Karyn Satin & the Bedsheets in the NYC punk era, they played and hung with The Stilettos frontwoman, Elda Stiletto, The Dead Boys, The Shirts and The Ramones. Since then, the duo has risen to a place of intellectual breadth, emotional depth and spiritual authenticity often likened to a musical meld of Leonard Cohen and Muddy Waters.


Taking the stage at the age of five, Karen has a voice of remarkable resonance and an unparalleled ability to bend a bluesy phrase. A lyricist since he was seventeen, Christopher is a conceptual poet who transforms raw ideas into a rich matrix of abstraction and narrative. Most recently, D-Deuce has added a distinctive12-string sound to its multi-faceted repertoire and written a new song of encouragement for these trying times called "It Will Get Better."

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