blues-infused acoustic rock


D-Deuce is a blues-infused acoustic rock duo, featuring Karen Payne-Taylor on lead vocals and partner, Christopher Payne-Taylor, on acoustic guitar and back-up.

Starting out as Karyn Satin & the Bedsheets in the NYC punk era, D-Deuce played and hung with Stilettos frontwoman, Elda Stiletto, the Dead Boys, Shirts and Ramones. Since then, they have migrated to more bluesy, intellectual ground, characterized as a cross between Leonard Cohen and Muddy Waters.


Taking the stage at five, Karen now holds sway with a hallelujah voice that channels just about every emotion imaginable.  A lyricist since he was seventeen, Christopher is a recovering poet who cooks raw ideas down into penetrating narratives. Today, D-Deuce channels the three paradoxes that have infused the blues since its Mississippi Delta days: sex and religion, despair and hope, loss and redemption.

In play

Benefit Concerts (Habitat for Humanity)

Fashion Show galas

Art gallery openings/exhibitions

Cafe | coffeehouse performances

Radio | tv appearances

Saturday, 12/14, 8:00 pm

SumitrA Expresso Lounge
2838 Beach Blvd. S. Gulfport, FL

Saturday, 1/11/20, 5:00 pm

Black Crowe Coffee Co.

Old Northeast 

722 2nd St. N., St. Pete, FL


Christopher | Karen