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sharp acoustic rock

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D-Deuce is a sharp acoustic rock duo fusing elements of rock, blues, classical and country into a genre-bending sound that drives to a point and home to the heart.

Founded by Karen and Christopher Payne-Taylor, the duo's music is built on a singular
12-string guitar Christopher plays like it's a whole damn band. With Karen's torchy lead vocals and the duo's sweet 'n' saucy harmonies, their songs radiate an uncanny sense of purpose.

Cutting their musical teeth as Karyn Satin & the Bedsheets in the NYC punk era, D-Deuce has acquired a reputation for emotional authenticity often likened to a cross between Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell.
D-Deuce's latest single "Get An Amen | Dirty Window," produced by St. Petersburg, Florida rock legend, Steve Connelly of Zen Recording Studios, has been described as an iconic vision of middle America at its most brazen and soulful.

In play

Benefit concerts (Habitat for Humanity)
Fashion show galas
Art gallery openings | exhibitions
Cafe | coffeehouse performances
Radio | tv appearances